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Revolutionizing Telco Operations with Lenovo AI-Ready Solutions—From Edge to Cloud


22 May 2024
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From optimizing complex network operations to improving the user experience, AI holds the key to enhanced productivity, improved customer experience, and new business opportunities for telcos. Lenovo offers AI-ready solutions for telco to empower the industry to harness the full potential of AI.


In the telco sector, surging demand for connectivity paired with growing consumer expectations for personalized, always-on experiences present significant challenges—and AI will be key to solving them. By leveraging AI technologies such as machine learning and predictive analytics, telcos can optimize network performance, perform proactive maintenance to prevent equipment failures, and strengthen the security of their networks. AI can also enable telcos to reduce the cost and complexity of delivering personalized, responsive customer services, shorten time-to-market for new offerings, and much more.

But how can telcos realize the full potential of AI? The answer is AI-ready solutions from Lenovo that extend beyond the data center to the edge.

Next-generation AI infrastructure

Lenovo has the industry’s most comprehensive AI portfolio, with nearly 30 ThinkSystem servers specifically built for machine learning, training, and inference workloads. This includes the ThinkSystem SR780a V3, a 5U system that uses Lenovo Neptune™ liquid cooling to deliver extreme performance for demanding AI workloads energy-efficiently.

Crucially, Lenovo also offers hybrid solutions to deploy AI virtually anywhere—from core data centers to regional sites to the far edge. This includes the ThinkEdge portfolio: compact, ruggedized and secure systems built for AI use cases where the data is created.

Specialized software to support AI deployment and management

Lenovo can also help telcos take AI to the cloud with solutions such as Lenovo Open Cloud Automation (LOC-A). This enables telcos to securely deploy and manage physical and virtual infrastructure at remote edge locations to host cloud applications, without requiring staff on-site.

Lenovo Intelligent Computing Orchestration (LiCO), meanwhile, abstracts the complexity of deploying AI stacks. As a result, users get faster access to the resources they need—enabling them to spend more time on the data science and less on computer science.

Smarter AI for All

Lenovo’s AI-ready infrastructure and software solutions are backed by proven expertise and services to help telcos envision, build, and manage their AI solutions.

To further simplify and accelerate deployments, Lenovo partners with more than 50 best-in-class AI software providers as part of its Lenovo AI Innovators Partner Ecosystem program, making it even easier for telcos to gain access to enterprise AI—and to reap the rewards. You can read how one industry giant, Telefónica, works with Lenovo and AI Innovator Partners to tackle mission-critical applications for smart cities here.

To learn more about how Lenovo can help telcos to adopt AI, visit


Kelly Robinson is currently serving as a product go-to-market lead at Lenovo. In her role, she focuses on global product commercialization and AI go-to-market strategies for 5G and telecommunications network infrastructure. Based in Kansas City, she has a background in emerging technology and telecommunications, contributing to Lenovo's strategic initiatives in these areas. For more information about Kelly, see her LinkedIn profile.

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