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Building an Efficient Data Center with IBM iDataPlex

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21 May 2008
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IBM iDataPlex is a new data center solution for Web 2.0, HPC cluster and corporate batch processing customers experiencing limitations of electrical power, cooling, physical space, or a combination of these. By providing a "big picture" approach to design, iDataPlex uses innovative ways to integrate Intel-based processing at the node, rack, and data center levels to maximize power and cooling efficiencies while providing the compute density needed.

An iDataPlex rack is built with industry standard components to create flexible configurations of servers, chassis, and networking switches that integrate easily. Using technology for flexible node configurations, iDataPlex can configure customized solutions for applications to meet specific business needs for computing power, storage intensity, and the right I/O and networking.

This paper introduces iDataPlex and the innovations in its design. It also outlines the benefits of the iDataPlex solution: lower capital and operating costs, modular design, more efficient cooling, and greater compute density both within the rack and overall in the data center. This paper also introduces the services offerings available from IBM for planning and installing an iDataPlex solution.

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